The Early Years Foundation Stage is all encompassing in nurturing a child’s Pre-school learning in readiness for transition to school.

• The highly skilled pre-school staff team plan and develop specific tasks alongside a wide range of opportunities for children to learn both indoors and out, based around the individual child’s level of achievement which encourages further progression, whilst still recognising children’s different needs and interests.

• Time and resources are given for the children to initiate and develop their own learning in a challenging environment which encourages them to risk assess in the varieties of activities in play Although the EYFS is organised into specific areas of learning, one particular experience may encompass and develop several skills, competences and experiences across all learning areas.

• We offer a home library where parents and children can choose a book to share and nurture a pleasure of the written word.

• Parent  / child sharing library.

• We hold circle time where children can share their own news, show something that’s important to them and talk about it, sing the ‘Good Morning’ song, welcoming each other and staff in a variety of languages! At this time we will also discuss what they would like to or what they have been doing that day.

• Through positive reinforcement for achievements we have created a sharing caring tree.

• To promote good behavior, Jelly the Dog and his scrap book is sent home for a weekend with a child to have an adventure.

• By working together with families, we aim to make a child’s early experiences of learning a happy one and one which will extend the already accomplished skills.

• We also invite parents and professionals from within the community to share their experiences with the children. We celebrate the diverse world we live in through festivals, visitors, a multicultural menu and experiences from home.

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